5 Simple Statements About Dental Instruments Explained

US Diamond Dental, LLC
925 Cripple Creek Dr. STE 100,
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
T: 678-731-7252

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am -6pm

* Best Retipping & Sharpening dental instruments Company
* No 1 Sharpening & Retipping Dental Instruments Company
* Manufacturer of Dental Instruments since 1980
* Retipping initially founded in the United States

* All services have a turnaround time of 24 -48 hours!
* Sharpening & Retipping services
* New instruments style and order

* In house manufacturing

* We utilize Top quality U.S. 440A Stainless-steel!

* Retipping & Sharpening dental instruments

Our founder and president initially studied steel composition and tool making, which led him to life long journey and satisfaction in manufacturing hand dental instruments He has extremely in-depth knowledge and knowledge about many hand dental instruments and is likewise significantly educated in great information about all facets of producing dental instruments from start to finish.

He has actually already worked over a years in major producers of dental instruments, when he established the Keystone in Wheeling, Illinois in year 1983. Currently the company lies in newer and expanded centers in Lawrenceville, Georgia to better have a peek here serve our consumer.

Thanks to many of our valued clients, US Diamond Dental has actually progressively grown for many years. We value and value every consumer and the inputs provided to us. Our focus is to produce highest quality dental instruments and to supply top-notch customer care. We will constantly continue this tradition.

US Diamond Dental: Dedication to quality devotion to excellence, consistent research and development, precision craftsmanship.
Retipping & Sharpening dental instruments.

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